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Comments (6)

Will there be any support for Mac OSx?

We're definitely looking in to it, but no solid promises yet. :)

Sweet cant wait to play it!!
Are u gonna submit it to NG with medals??
Cuz that would be a cherry on top :D

No plans to at this time; it's purely downloadable at the moment - wasn't built with Flash - but you never know what the future may hold. It'd be fun to add achievements!

I also want to mention that many Newgrounds artists contributed music to the project, making it so much more awesome in the process. :)

I'm downloading the game right now...and i realized it would be impossible to submit such a thing to NG
considering the size is...OMG 75 MB and its still goin!!
CAnt wait to play !! XD

Hmmm Ok now I will actually review this game...

I hav played through 3 levels and i must say...I am rly truly dissapointed.
Thr are only 3 type of enemies u used, the archer, the tough guy and the soldeir, the only difference is thier bodies in each level.

The levels are rlyy boring. The colours u chose for the platforms are very dull.
The lack of backgrounds give it a very unexciting feel to the game. After 2 levels i just found myself grinding thru the levels.

It reminds me of Castlvania II.
The Music is good. Thats the only thing that kept me entertained.

But the lack of enemies were soo dissapointing. GoW revovles around the unique enemies and the weapons.

The bosses were too easy..not challenging at all.

Change in control scheme would be helpful.

I kno u spent like 5 years on this and i dont mean to blow ur hardwork in peices but these are the things u need to improve to make it fun. This has soo much potential!

Other than that, the music and the story were rly sweet.

I'm rly sorry if i sound mean...its just that seeing the size of the game gave me high hopes!

This sounds awesome. definitely giving it a try!

Thanks, hope you enjoy it! :D

What program did you use to make this game?