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This is what I come to NG for. Thank you!

I really need to know if Picolo passed that bar exam!!!!!!

Clever and hilarious - best part was Bullet Bill :)

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Very nice!

Game's a lot of fun, upbeat soundtrack and great 3d graphics!! Always surprised to see this kind of stuff in Flash :D The controls feel a bit loose but that's probably more because I've gone and let myself get used to analog sticks ;) I haven't been pure to my digital roots!

The music is fantastic, too - the Coastal City music in particular reminds me of the classics.. Daytona USA - rolllliiiiing staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!!

Powerful and touching

It's very rare to have a game affect me in such a way as this game did. I had to play all the way through just to see where it was going, and it was an emotional ride.

It's also rare to find an "art game" that has such a good gameplay mechanic behind it as well. You combined both aspects quite well.

Again, very powerful - the feelings this game triggered will no doubt stay with me all day.

Hats off to you, sir!


Mind-blowingly well put together! Tons of fun, sits right up there with the classics like Raptor and Tyrian :D

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Stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

This is amazing, got it on replay now :) I checked out your other stuff too.. so much variety and it's all top notch! Didn't realize you also did the WGJFK theme, love that too!

Keep it coming, if you can pull off quality like this off while drunk, then the sky's the limit for you! :D


Love it! I'm a huge fan of 8-bit chiptunes, and this reminds me of Mega Man as you said, with a little Legacy of the Wizard feel in there as well.

Completely awesome, keep it coming, don't know what the guy below me was smoking.

This is very, very cool

Good job!

my favorite christmas carol + 8 bit chiptunes + slammin' guitar = pure awesome.

Keep it up, stuff like this is fantastic!

Evil-Dog responds:

Hahaha who thought I would ever be part of something like that :D

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This is haunting beautiful. Probably be my new phone background for a while :)

artistofargoth responds:

Good to know.

That spit tho! So beautifully gross. :)


Love the nice hard lines, the style is fantastic! Keep it up!

gusana responds:

Thank you!

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