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We're giving away SWAG!

Posted by Holmfry - March 27th, 2010

Hey everyone! As of March 25th, we've officially dropped the price of Pixel Whirled, our Xbox Live Indie Game, to 80 Microsoft Points (1$)! To celebrate this occasion, we're hosting an old timey screenshot photo contest, just like back in the pre-internet leaderboard days!

Here's how it works: After finishing the game, you unlock the 2nd Quest which contains alternate, more difficult levels. After beating the 2nd Quest, email us a digital photo of the winning screen, with you standing next to it giving a thumbs up to prove your awesomeness! Whoever sends in the highest final score will win an exclusive physical prize, which will be mailed directly to your house free of charge! Can you say swag? ;)

There is also a cheat code to unlock the 2nd Quest instantly.. at the main menu, hold down LB and RB and press Back. To access the 2nd Quest, you'll have to have unlocked the full version of the game. We would like to warn you that the 2nd Quest is not for the meek. You will have to bring your A-Game in order to beat this challenge!

If you're new to Pixel Whirled, check out the game's mini site at pixelwhirled.holmadegames.com for information, screenshots and the trailer!

Entry Rules and Stuff:

1. The screenshot does not have to include the entire screen, but please be sure the final score (and your face and thumbs up!) is visible in your submission!

2. The exact details of the mystery prize will be devulged when a winner is selected.

3. In the case of a tie, the entry received first will win.

4. The winning submission will be posted on blog.holmadegames.com.

5. If you haven't downloaded the game yet, you can find both the trial and full versions on Xbox Live Marketplace.

6. Send your submissions to contests@holmadegames.com, with the subject "PW Screenshot Contest". Be sure to include your full mailing address so you can receive your prize!

7. Contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

8. The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2010.

Thanks for playing, good luck and have fun!


We're giving away SWAG!