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Hurdle Turtle iOS Free For A Day Contest!

Posted by Holmfry - February 18th, 2011

Mark your calendars! Tomorrow, Feb 19th 2011, Hurdle Turtle will be free on the iPhone App Store for one day only, thanks to DailyAppDream.com and the support of our fans!

And even more exciting (or so we like to think) is that we are having a special contest to coincide with this event! If Hurdle Turtle makes it onto the top 50 app list while it's free, we'll be giving away Hurdle Turtle Prize Packs full of super sweet swag to some of our lucky fans!

The Prize Packs will include original signed handdrawn artwork based on Hurdle Turtle, as well as some other awesome surprises!

Here's how to enter (it's easy!):

* Follow @Holmade_Games and @LukeZbihlyj on Twitter or Like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/holmadegames! If you do both, you've doubled your chances of winning!
* Be sure to download the game (for free!).. then tweet like crazy, facebook, email, and shout about it (and this contest) through a megaphone to help launch the game up into the top 50!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the iOS iteration of the game, check out this gameplay video:


Thanks for playing and enjoy the free game!! We love giving away free swag, so let's make this happen!


Hurdle Turtle iOS Free For A Day Contest!

Comments (3)

Grats =) i heard its quite hard to get into the apple app store. =)

Thanks wynand!! :D

An update: The game is free as of a couple hours ago so have at it!

More update:

Although we didn't quite reach our goal of Top 50 Apps, we came pretty darn close. It became obvious to us that we have some of the best fans in the world. To thank you all for helping spread the word, we'll still be giving away a smaller prize to one lucky random fan - we'll save the full Prize Pack for the next contest, so stay tuned for that.. you still have a chance to claim it!

So, without further ado, the winner is..... (drumroll)....

-=Michael Kohler=-

Congrats Michael! We'll be contacting you for shipping information and you'll receive your surprise in the mail soon!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and everyone who has played and enjoyed our game. :)