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8-bit God of War Music Contest!

Posted by Holmfry - June 14th, 2011

Hi everyone!

If you've been following us, you may know that we've been working like fiends on an 8-bit God of War demake, currently titled Bit of War. Well, it's getting fairly close to completion and we're starting our hunt for the perfect soundtrack. To that end, we thought we'd make it interesting and host a little contest to find the perfect tunes!

- To enter, create an 8-bit version of the following menu music from God of War 3:

- Your 8-bit version could be the full piece, or a smaller loop of the important bits - it's up to you. However, it should be awesome.

- Send the finished .mp3 file to contests@holmadegames.com anytime between now and 11:59pm EST June 30th, 2011. So about two weeks, give or take.

Note: This contest will be published on our main website in 48 hours from the time this was posted, but for the next couple of days we're only announcing it here on Newgrounds to give you talented folks first crack at it! :D Because Newgrounds is amazing.

Winning!* (the important bit): If you are chosen as the winner, the winning .mp3 will be featured in the menu of the final game. Full credit will be given to the winner as the game circulates like a virus across the internet. Women will likely throw themselves at you**. More importantly, you will gain the opportunity to create more music to be featured in the game!

For more information on Bit of War, please visit our blog here.

*Despite the fact that you are winning, tiger blood will not be provided.
**Holmade Games makes no guarantee that women will throw themselves at you.

8-bit God of War Music Contest!

Comments (7)

I might give this a try. I love god of war.

I could give this a try. I could love god of war.

I would give this a try... wait, I'm shit at music.

i can't give this a try. i can't make music at all...

Lol, you guys crack me up :)

May I suggest a project rename to &quot;God of Retro&quot; instead? The Kratos sprite you have is most DEFINITELY not 8 bit. I count at least 9 colors, NES sprites had a technical limit of 3. If you really want this to look legitimately 8 bit, reuse colors. Kratos has two slightly different shades of red - Pick one color and use that. You could also replace the boots with the darkest colors of his gauntlet, and get rid of one shade of the gauntlets colors. If you REALLY want to get particular, go here <a href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/NES_palette.png">http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia /en/2/29/NES_palette.png</a> and use the colors of the actual NES' color palette. With little to no effort you end up with a 6 color Kratos using the NES' palette while losing almost none of the design: <a href="http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/359/kratos8bit.png">http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/359/

Or, you know, you could be like every other developer and run around going &quot;herp derp I made 8 bit&quot; even though you didn't. Your choice, really.

Good eye! And some good advice, thanks! :) Although we did consider following the palette strictly, we made the design choice to go the "herp derp" way, as you say, because it's just more aesthetically pleasing, and allows us to remain truer to God of War while still being very 8-bit.

Hilarious awesomeness. I would LOVE to hear it. + the b/w Gameboy version of the GAME!

Ha, that would be sweet! For now, you could try our Game & Watch version! ;)

OH MY GOD. It's like Castlevania, Zelda, and GoW combined into old school goodness. Holy fuck! How do I get on the beta tester list!!!!

Simply (pun-intended) awesome!

Hey thanks!! You nailed the main inspirations for the game PERFECTLY. Don't worry, it won't be much longer until release day! I'll announce on my NG page when we have a solid date. :)