We were interviewed by Sony Santa Monica!

2012-06-07 13:29:09 by Holmfry

Recently, we had the honor of being interviewed by the super friendly folks over at Santa Monica Studio - the creators of the God of War series - in regards to our 8-Bit demake of God of War, titled Bit of War. It was a lot of fun!

Apparently the development team at Santa Monica discovered and LOVES Bit of War - which, as a team who has created a fan-game, is the absolute highest praise you could ever hope for!

Check out the interview (which is full of some possibly interesting development tid-bits as well as a solid helping of malarky) on the official God of War site right here!


We were interviewed by Sony Santa Monica!


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2012-06-07 14:44:04

Wow, that's big. Haven't had a chance to check out your game but good job guys, seriously.

*clap* *clap*

Holmfry responds:

Well thank you very much :D We were certainly pretty stoked when they contacted us (and still are)!


2012-06-07 16:02:38

Congrats you guys!!!! Well deserved!

Holmfry responds:

Thanks RicePirate!! Much appreciated :)


2012-06-07 19:13:42

Did they interview you with bugs and then kick you off on the third episode?

Holmfry responds:

LOL, well played sir :D