Hurdle Turtle 2 Coming to Xbox!

2013-04-22 21:16:56 by Holmfry

A few weeks back we sort-of announced, via our various social networks, the sequel to what is probably our most beloved game - Hurdle Turtle 2! Well, now we'd like to full-on announce it all officially and stuff - HT2 will be releasing on Xbox Live Indie Games later this year! We have some brand new screenshots for you as well! We could only attach one to this news post, so be sure to check our blog right here for the other one ;)

As you can see, there's a bunch of changes and new features that have been added. Graphics are tighter, Hurdle actually earns his Turtle title by swimming through some stages, and there is now 4 player local co-op! Believe me, if you thought the original got crazy as the speed poured on, just you wait... ;)

In addition to all of that, Hurdle now progresses throughout a series of stages - no more endless running for this turtle!

As if all that wasn't enough, another treat is that Octapus is back with another amazing chiptune-inspired soundtrack!

There are other surprises in store as well as development continues, and you'll find out about them first-hand on our blog, so stay tuned!


Hurdle Turtle 2 Coming to Xbox!


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2013-04-24 10:52:48


Holmfry responds:

2 more days and then it's out! :D