NG Tankmen In A Mobile Game!

2016-06-30 22:01:38 by Holmfry

What's up NG army!  I'm excited to announce that thanks to an epically heroic teamup between Newgrounds and myself, Tankmen's own Sgt. John Captain is now a playable character in my iOS/Android game, Hurdle Turtle Forever!

It's free, and you can download the game from

Direct store links: iOS | Android

If you're not familiar with Hurdle Turtle, he actually got his start right here on the Newgrounds frontpage back in 2010, as well as Xbox 360!  I decided it was time to overhaul the gameplay and combine all of the levels from the various versions of the game, as well as some new ones, in a nice shiny HD package. 

Oh, the game also officially stars Kratos from God of War but you know, whatever. ;)



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2016-06-30 22:17:03

There will be other characters?

Holmfry responds:

Oh, absolutely! We're going to be bringing new characters and levels in free updates.. Forever! ;)


2016-07-01 13:42:50

This is really cool! Didint realize Hurdle Turtle started on NG. It was one of our favorite games to play at parties in college. Will definitely download the Android version. : D

(Updated ) Holmfry responds:

That is AWESOME to hear! Thank you! :D I've always been a huge fan of the local multiplayer experience, and I'm SO glad that carried through. We're looking at potentially releasing a version on Xbox One soon as well!


2016-07-01 14:09:11

Woah woah woah... Hurdle Turtle's on mobiles now?!! :o

Holmfry responds:

Yuppers!! I'm loving the excitement, thank you for that! :D

It's actually been on iOS exclusively for a few years now, but the old version (titled simply Hurdle Turtle) is getting a bit long in the tooth and needed an overhaul. The new Hurdle Turtle Forever has updated graphics, touch-based controls, new moves, perpetual content updates and it's free for both iOS and Android.